At TEPE Metal, we do not see sustainability as a project – it is in our genes. At the heart of our policy is a safe and healthy work environment where employees ensure that products are sustainable and where waste streams and raw material consumption are kept as low

as possible.


At TEPE Metal, sustainability is about:

  1. Caring for employees.
  2. Saving energy.
  3. Limiting waste.
  4. Extending the life of end products and recyclable products.


Metal is sustainable because it is recyclable

Iron ore is present in large quantities on our planet and it is the most important element for

metal. Metal can also be recycled again and again, which makes it a sustainable

building material. That is why we advise our customers to use metal.


Giving back

We devote part of our profit to the future of young people in Africa.

We are a key sponsor of the Yepafrica foundation, which supports young Africans and gives them the strength to create a future in their own country.

We also participate in the MANSA stove project, which was developed by Yepafrica,

together with Delft University of Technology, to promote healthy

cooking. This stove uses 50% less firewood and produces virtually no

smoke. Worldwide there are still 3 billion people who cook on an open fire, and

4 million people die prematurely as a consequence of the smoke.