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At Tepe Metal Lab we will help you engineer
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As the pace of change increases we at Tepe like to keep ahead of the curve. We work with the latest software and fast prototyping 3D Modelling technology to speed up all operations and get to the correct answer quickly.

Our engineers can help you
realise smart production

Help you optimise
your design

Fast track

Tepe Metal Lab is special. This is where our small team of problem solvers are found. Each one an expert with years of experience working with all kinds of metal. This is the team that gets your project quickly and efficiently from your idea to the finished job, on time and on budget. They can help you from the development phase with the best way to engineer, prototype and 1:1 modelling as well as testing of your new product. This careful approach ensures that the product reaches your expectations and that transparant estimates can be made. This team also makes sure that every product at Tepe Metal is of the highest quality and can proudly bear our name.

Our Tepe Metal Lab makes sure that it all works

Tepe Metal Lab will organise the best engineering solution, production preparation and drawings for you and after the prototyping, make sure that everything is perfect.

Our people make the difference

We are committed to delivering sustainable products and will continue to use our energy to deliver product that enrich the lives of everyone that we work with.

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